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Doctor and Patient

Product solutions

Providing comprehensive opioid and controlled substance solutions to patients and providers

OPOS Products

Maximizing outcomes and increasing revenue. Giving patients the pain care they deserve. Aligning with OPOS.

We provide award winning patient monitoring and opioid prescriber compliance solutions to support primary care providers in all practice settings. Our range of monitoring, treatment and information services provide an end-to-end controlled substance solution that reduces prescribers risk, liability and cost while increasing revenues. Patients benefit from improved access to pain care and access to opioids and alternative treatments in a manner consistent with state medical boards and CDC guidelines.


OPOS Foresight™

Patient safety and physician compliance

OPOS Foresight ensures that opioid prescribers  have documented evidence of their adherence to CDC, state and medical board guidelines and regulations as well as patient functional benefit.


OPOS telepain.MD™

Board-certified pain specialists and patient education

OPOS telepain.MD  places a pain specialist into your group to care for your patients receiving chronic opioid therapy. Expand your practice and improve care, reduce risk and grow revenue. 


OPOS Insight™

Intuitive understanding

OPOS Insight is your clinical decision support partner. Optimize patient outcomes and identify individual and pooled patient, prescriber and practice risk.

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