Delivering on the needs of physicians and patients to manage the risks and optimize the benefits associated with chronic opioid therapy.

We provide comprehensive opioid solutions to support patients, community-based primary care providers, large multi-specialty organizations and insurance companies. Our range of monitoring, treatment and information services provides an end-to-end solution aimed at maximizing a patient's quality of life.


Patient safety


physician compliance 

Safety and compliance monitoring to ensure that prescribers of opioids have documented evidence of adherence to CDC, State and Medical Board guidelines and regulations.



pain specialists

Bring qualified board certified pain specialists to your patients using telemedicine. The pain specialist becomes a member in your group. 




Individualized treatment 

optimized for quality of life based on consideration of the patients actual and desired lifestyles

For Patients

OPOS Foresight is the patient's advocate to support patient safety in chronic opioid therapy treatment plans.  


Delivering education about chronic pain, non-pharmacological pain management techniques, informed consent, medication dangers combined with data collection tools, the app enables the patient to provide a clear picture of the benefits or complications with medication therapies.


Organizations can also include an optional telemedicine interface linking patients to OPOS case managers or other organizational care resources.

For Organizations

Achieve regulatory adherence for opioid prescribers, thus reducing provider liability and increasing patient safety. Features include:


Real-time monitoring of chronic opioid therapy patient populations. Identifying “at risk” patients for provider notification.


Identifying patients at risk of overdose, death and negative patient health and safety circumstances. 


Identifying opportunities for provider and prescriber training and education.

Providing pain specialists to treat patients with chronic pain using telemedicine.

For Physicians

Receive a full patient risk assessment and compliance report for each of you patients receiving chronic opioid therapy to support your clinical decisions at the time of prescribing.


Reports include functional measures, standardized validated instruments, prescription histories, pharmacy histories, MEDD factor calculations, all presented in the context of applicable opioid prescribing guidelines.


Safe and Effective

Opioid Care