Pain care without boundaries.

OPOS was founded by a group of experienced healthcare providers, data scientists, information technology experts and seasoned business professionals. OPOS provides a comprehensive range of services to enable physicians and organizations to safely and effectively manage patients receiving chronic opioid therapy as part of a multimodal treatment plan. Our customer experience improved patient outcomes, improved financial outcomes and improved provider and patient satisfaction.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that primary care and pain specialty physicians can mitigate the risks and improve patient safety when utilizing chronic opioid therapy (COT) as part of a well managed multimodal treatment plan. OPOS provides prescriber risk mitigation, patient monitoring and patient education to physician practices and their chronic pain patients. OPOS works to maximize patient function, independence and quality of life. OPOS is dedicated to improving access to chronic pain care for all patients.

Our Approach

OPOS products and services are based on decades of knowledge and experience delivering chronic pain management services to thousands of patients in urban, rural and underserved communities.  We know that there are increased risks for physicians maintaining compliance with the myriad of medical board, state, CDC, DOJ, DEA, guidelines and regulatory requirements. We bring all of the pieces together to ensure patients' demonstrate functional gain and are empowered with education to make their own chronic pain care decisions. Practices that utilize OPOS deliver better patient outcomes through highly personalized chronic pain care, higher provider and patient satisfaction and improved financial outcomes for patients and providers.

Our Customers

OPOS customer reflect the landscape of chronic pain today. We support primary care and pain specialty providers in both small practices and large organizations, in rural, urban and underserved communities. Patients that utilize our services range in age from 18 to 102 and represent a wide range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

Our People

OPOS is a leader in pain care management. Through innovative strategies and the use of technology and data analytics, we have developed a platform that offers personalized treatment plans and real-time insights for clinicians. OPOS has made significant contributions to the healthcare industry and improved patient outcomes thanks to their collaborative and innovative culture.

Leadership Team