OPOS Foresight

Enabling Compliance for Safer and More Effective Opioid Care.

​​OPOS delivers safety and compliance monitoring to ensure that prescribers of opioids have documented evidence of patient benefit and adherence to medical board, state, federal, CDC and DEA guidelines and regulations. OPOS Foresight™ is an application for chronic pain patients receiving long term opioid therapy as a part of a medically managed comprehensive multimodal pain management treatment plan. In order to use the application, the patient is enrolled through their primary pain medicine prescriber, usually their primary care physician or pain specialist.

Patient Insights
With OPOS Foresight™ patients can share insights, experiences and feelings with their care team. Only the patients' care team has access to the information.
Chronic Pain Education
OPOS Foresight™ delivers education about chronic pain and treatment options. The comprehensive curriculum empowers patients to make informed care decisions.
Telemedicine Appointments
OPOS Foresight™ simplifies appointment management and 1-click pain specialty telemedicine connectivity. Access your care team anywhere it is convenient for you.
Functional Benefit
OPOS Foresight™ provides evidence of functional benefit to your prescriber. State medical boards and the CDC require evidence of functional benefit to continue chronic opioid therapy.
Patient Outcomes Monitoring
Optimizing treatment plans over the long term can be a challenge.  OPOS Foresight™ shows patients how they respond to changes in treatment plans in the pursuit of maximum functional benefit and quality of life.
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Manage regulatory compliance risk with proper documentation and enjoy new revenue opportunities.

OPOS Foresight is part of a Remote Therapeutic Monitoring  (RTM) program. For the first time, aligning regulatory risk reduction, improved patient outcomes and increased revenue are achievable in under 30 days.  In addition to improving outcomes, patients are more satisfied with their chronic pain management.

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