OPOS Insight

Clinical Decision Support for Chronic Pain Management.

Utilizing AI to optimize patient safety, function, and productivity over the long term. OPOS Insight™ considers a large number of variables and observes small changes over time to identify treatment issues and opportunities before they may be humanly recognizable. By providing chronic pain care early when it has the greatest impact, patient flare ups and crisis can be avoided. OPOS Insight delivers highly personalized care.

Actionable Insights
OPOS Insight monitors risk, compliance, adherence and patient function. Monitoring is supported by licensed clinical pain experts ensuring that recommendations are sound.
Realtime Dashboards
OPOS Insight delivers comprehensive dashboards so providers can spend time with patients based on their needs. Dashboards quickly articulate areas of focus, eliminating the pursuit of the needle in the haystack.
PMP Monitoring and Analytics
OPOS Insight satisfies state PMP lookup requirements. Unlike other tools used monthly, OPOS Insight identifies daily changes in controlled substance prescriptions.
Flags, Alerts and Reminders
Flags and alerts driven by OPOS Insight's analytical tools keep track of critical details so nothing falls through the cracks. Concerns over self harm, rapid changes in health status or diversion are actionable without delay.
Clinical Decision Support
With OPOS Insight™, individualized treatments can be optimized for quality of life based on the consideration of a large number of variables that would usually be too complex for consideration during a typical patient encounter.
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Are all of your chronic pain patients on the same follow-up schedule?

While it makes sense that different patients have different needs, in reality they are all scheduled for the same interval, usually determined by prescription cycles.

Let OPOS Insight™ stratify patient’s needs and provider risk so patients get the care they need and physicians focus on improving outcomes and reducing risk.​

Let OPOS Insight™ grow your chronic pain care management revenue by as much as 300%.

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