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The Journal

The Journal is a place for us to share some of the thoughts, reflections and experiences we have gained working with physicians, their patients and practices. These are our opinions and our insights and your experiences and point of view may be very different. We welcome discussion and dialogue, and as always, feel free to contact us directly to continue the conversation.


OPOS Products

Delivering More Effective Pain Care And Increasing Practice Revenue


While chronic opioid therapy is not an effective pain management treatment for some patients, it delivers improved function and independence for a large number of patients. OPOS ensures providers can maintain regulatory and guideline compliance and continue to offer patients access to opioid therapies. OPOS transforms the headaches associated with prescribing risk and administrative overhead into new streams of revenue.  Better access for patients with no additional cost.    


OPOS Foresight™

Patient safety and physician compliance

OPOS Foresight ensures that opioid prescribers  have documented evidence of their adherence to CDC, State and Medical Board guidelines and regulations as well as patient functional benefit.


OPOS telepain.MD™

Board-certified pain specialists

OPOS telepain.MD  places a pain specialist into your group to care for your patients receiving chronic opioid therapy. Expand your practice and improve care, reduce risk and grow revenue. 


OPOS Insight™

Intuitive understanding

OPOS Insight is your clinical decision support partner. Optimize patient outcomes and identify individual and pooled patient, prescriber and practice risk.


OPOS is always looking for qualified and capable high energy talent that can help us extend our vision.  If you are a board certified pain specialist, psychiatrist or psychologist and interested in proving derives on our platform, please let us know.

If you are a sales professional, medical practice management whiz, expert in our field or just interested in what we are doing, please let us know. 

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