Dr. William Brose

Chief Science Advisor

Dr. Brose is an Anesthesiologist and Board Certified Pain Specialist with over 25 years of experience in chronic pain treatment, consulting, research, and teaching. Dr. Brose was recruited to a prominent academic medical center to create a Pain Management Service, which he then directed until 1997.

Dr. Brose continued his pain management focus, developing one of the first Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Programs in California, the HELP program (Health Education for Living with Pain). For over 20 years HELP provided functional restoration programs and medication optimization and detoxification services, with focus on non-medical strategies to treat chronic pain.

Currently, in addition to treating patients in the California Bay Area, Dr. Brose provides forensic and compliance consulting on chronic pain and opioid management for providers, payers, and public health systems. He also currently serves as an Adjunct Clinical Professor of Anesthesia Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management at a prominent academic medical center.

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