Dr. Seth Christian

Medical Director, Eastern US

Degrees in biomedical engineering, medicine, and business led me to a career as an anesthesiologist and interventional pain physician with an interest in systems and quality. I worked as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Tulane where I was also the Director of Quality and Director of the Operating Room. During my time at Tulane, I provided a broad range of anesthetics including liver transplants, cardiac bypass cases, craniotomies, complex spines, pediatrics, obstetrics, and regional anesthetics. After 5 years, I made the decision to pursue further clinical training as a pain physician and completed the highly respected Pain Fellowship at Stanford University, in December 2017 before moving back to the greater New Orleans area to practice pain management in private practice. My current practice is primarily in anesthesiology with a focus on the management of both acute and chronic pain. I am board certified in Basic Perioperative TEE. I am also working as a pain management physician for OPOS, an innovative healthcare company helping improve access, function and quality of life for chronic pain patients through education and improved monitoring.

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