The OPOS Team

Experience matters.


Justin Kromelow

Founder and CEO

Prior to founding OPOS, Justin Kromelow served as CEO of Health Education for Living with Pain (HELP). HELP was the largest chronic pain provider network in California and a pioneer in the development of telemedicine. During his 10 years at HELP, he transformed direct patient care into a functionally based telemedicine model, enabling rural areas to have access to specialist care. Through this pioneering work in telemedicine,  patients received interdisciplinary team treatment support when and where they needed it, rather than within the confines of scheduled medical office visits.  Prior to HELP, he founded several companies over two decades providing thought leadership, executive consulting, systems development and integration services spanning Healthcare and Life Sciences. He founded Phyxe, a knowledge analytics firm that developed predictive models of physician behavior and Digital Medical Sytems, where he served as Chief Technology Officer, developing an electronic medical record and secure distributed healthcare transaction platforms. A principal interest throughout his career has been the application of technology to transform healthcare.


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William G Brose, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Brose is an Anesthesiologist and Board Certified Pain Specialist with over 25 years of experience in chronic pain treatment, consulting, research, and teaching.  Dr. Brose was recruited to a prominent academic medical center to create a Pain Management Service, which he then directed until 1997. Dr. Brose continued his pain management focus, developing one of the first Interdisciplinary Pain Rehabilitation Programs in California, the HELP program (Health Education for Living with Pain). For over 20 years HELP provided functional restoration programs and medication optimization and detoxification services, with focus on non-medical strategies to treat chronic pain. Currently, in addition to treating patients in the California Bay Area, Dr. Brose provides forensic and compliance consulting on chronic pain and opioid management for providers, payers, and public health systems. He also currently serves as an Adjunct Clinical Professor of Anesthesia Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management at a prominent academic medical center.


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Edmund Billings, MD

Chief Marketing Officer

Dr. Billings is dedicated to helping physicians improve their practices with information technology and practice automation solutions. Solutions have included electronic medical records, personal health records, practice management information systems, electronic prescribing solutions, revenue cycle management, clinical decision support systems and quality care management patient registries solutions. Dr. Billings developed the Voice of the Physician™ methodology, which drives the definition and validation of products and their adoption by networks of physician practices. It is based on establishing a relationship and on-going dialogue with physicians about their practice performance and what is important to them. Dr. Billings has conducted over 20 product validations, 300 case studies, and 750 practice performance or impact assessments.


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Cynthia Glidewell, RN

SVP Clinical Engagements

Cyndi's consulting background experience transects business, clinical, and regulatory compliance.  As a Health Care and Life Sciences consultant for Capgemini and Accenture, she traveled extensively throughout the US and Europe providing creativity, guidance and oversite in the development and implementation of Quality Systems and Regulatory Compliance.  As a Certified Public Health Nurse, she brings that same diligence and expertise to the clinical environment.  Much of her work over the past 15 years has been in the research, development, design and implementation of programs for the management of patients with chronic pain and use of opioid medications.  The combination of business, regulatory, and clinical experience brings a holistic insight to her consulting approach.


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Julie Carey Josefsberg

SVP Product Management

Julie has 15 years of healthcare product and operations experience, with a specific focus on chronic pain management. Prior to OPOS, as VP of Product Operations at HELP Practice Management, Julie worked to build, launch, and manage chronic pain products and services, including opioid management programs, affiliate provider programs, and patient education programs through office, telemedicine, and group appointment delivery models.


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