OPOS Fullpower delivers on the promise of Digital Therapeutics


OPOS Fullpower Platform

OPOS Fullpower is an artificial intelligence digital therapeutic, safety and compliance platform that individualizes treatments to optimize the quality of life based on the genetics, environmental, and lifestyle factors of patients. OPOS Fullpower transforms the limitations of the traditional 4 hours per year of direct medical oversight into 24/7 monitoring and management. Outcomes are based on condition-specific functional models that reflect how we live our lives and our personal goals rather than what happens in an exam room.


What are Digital Therapeutics?

Digital therapeutics (DTx) deliver evidence-based therapeutic interventions to patients that are driven by high-quality software programs to prevent, manage, or treat a broad spectrum of physical, mental, and behavioral conditions.  Digital therapeutics have the potential to:

Enhance and support current medical treatments

Provide patients, providers, and payers with novel therapy options for unmet medical needs

Be used independently or in conjunction with other therapies

Reduce reliance on certain pharmaceuticals or other therapies

Integrate into medical guidelines and best practices


Safe and Effective

Opioid Care


Safe and Effective

Opioid Care




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