Ongoing Projects

OPOS works with a wide range of clients including provider organizations, insurance companies, think tanks and research organizations, and pharmaceutical and life sciences companies.

HELP Pain Medical Network

HELP Pain Medical Network is the largest pain medical network in California.  OPOS worked with HELP to develop and deliver a wide range of clinical services, all focused on safely managing patients on Chronic Opioid Therapy.   In addition to patient safety, OPOS ensured that prescriptions followed the Medical Board of California and the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control Opioid prescribing guidelines.

Health Education for Living with Pain

American Health Medical Group

American Health Medical Group, uses OPOS Foresight to enable patients to remove the limitations and periodicity of in-office visits by having them provide important safety and lifestyle information to physicians and case managers in the course of their daily lifestyles.  Using the OPOS Foresight iPhone app, patients functional and productivity information enables physicians to treat patients with the smallest amount of medications to achieve the greatest functional improvements. Both physicians and patients are able to measure and monitor the impacts and effects of medications.  This greatly improves patient safety as well as reduces physician liability with respect to opioid dosages.

Chronic pain word cloud concept

Large Healthcare Insurance Company

OPOS partnered with a large national healthcare insurance company to provide clinical expertise at the point of care to their contracted network physicians managing their Chronic Opioid Therapy patients, receiving care under their health plan,  during regularly scheduled office visits. Using telemedicine, built into the OPOS Foresight platform for case management and provider education, pain management physicians provide concurrent consultative services to patients and their treating physicians. The primary objective of the training is to help develop the skills in managing complex behaviors and alternative treatment education to Chronic Opioid Therapy patients.  These are critical skills necessary to achieve compliance with existing opioid prescribing guidelines currently in effect in most states.  


Safe and Effective

Opioid Care