Enabling Compliance  for

Safer and More Effective Opioid Care


OPOS supports the legitimate use of opioids for the 30 million patients that benefit from chronic opioid therapy.

OPOS delivers safety and compliance monitoring to ensure that prescribers of opioids have documented evidence of adherence to CDC, State and Medical Board guidelines and regulations.

How are we different?

While others are solely focused on the 2 million patients suffering from opioid use disorder, addiction and abuse, we support physicians in caring for almost 30 million patients receiving chronic opioid therapy.


We help put a check on the opioid epidemic.

Doctor Discussing Records With Senior Fe
Physicians get help with compliance
and new revenue opportunities

For physicians and their organizations, OPOS enables new revenue streams while ensuring compliance with CDC, State and Medical Board guidelines and regulations. 

OPOS documentation saves hours of practice time spent with carriers and pharmacies getting opioid prescriptions approved and filled.

Patients get their prescriptions and feel safe

Patients are struggling just getting their opioid prescriptions to help manage their pain. 


OPOS offers patients the means to consistently get their prescriptions by providing their physician with all the information they need to ensure their safety by reducing potential harms.

"What is the least amount of opioid medication that supports the highest level of function ?"

Tired middle-aged man waking up in the m

Our Unique Solution

Quality of Life is functional: determined by what you can do.

Maximizing function is the most important health outcome.

Monitoring function is the best way to improve care and safety.

PCP’s and specialists can only assess patients ~3 to 4 hrs per year.

We extend care into patients' homes and lives for 24/7 compliance, functional and safety monitoring.

Assuring opioid compliance benefits everyone. 

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Safe and Effective

Opioid Care