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The word opium is derived from the Greek word op(ós) which means "juice". This is a reference to obtaining opium by making an incision in the unripe seedpod of the poppy and collecting milk, or the juice, from the plant. 

OPOS was born from over 20 years of experience in treating chronic pain patients and safely managing risks associated with long term opioid therapies.

OPOS is focused on one single objective.  Safely maximizing quality of life!

OPOS was founded by a group of experienced healthcare providers, data scientists, information technology experts and seasoned business professionals.   OPOS provides a comprehensive range of products and services to enable physicians and organizations to safely and effectively manage populations receiving chronic opioid therapy.

We want to ensure, in cases where the use of opioids over the long term is the best treatment option, that pain specialists are available to treat patients and support their primary care providers. Whether it is our pain specialists participating in your medical practice, or your own prescribing of opioids to your patients, we want to ensure that patients on long term opioid therapy are closely monitored in a manner that reduces harms while maximizing their knowledge and quality of life.


Safe and Effective

Opioid Care